The spread of christianity around the world

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Global Christianity – A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Christian Population

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History of Christianity

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Global Christianity – A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Christian Population

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Of all the Apostles, Thomas represents most profoundly the missionary zeal associated with the rise of Christianity-the drive to travel to the ends of the known world to preach a new creed.

Mark the Evangelist too spread the word, bringing Christ’s message to Egypt and founding the Coptic faith. But, overall, the story of Christianity in today's world is still one of vast majorities, enormous populations, and historically unique reach.

The spread of Christianity was made a lot easier by the efficiency of the Roman Empire, but its principles were sometimes misunderstood and membership of the sect could be dangerous. A major study on the history of Christianity found that political power, and not poverty, caused the spread of Christianity around the world.

A team of researchers examined how Christianity grew from being a small religious group to one of the major religions in the world. The Spread of Christianity From a sect of Jews to a world dominating religion that defeated the Roman Empire, the story of Christianity is – for better or worse – intimately intertwined with Jewish history.

From there it spread around the world, carried by those who experienced what they believed to be miraculous moves of God there. These Pentecost-like manifestations have steadily been in evidence throughout the history of Christianity—such as seen in the two Great Awakenings that started in the United States.

How Christianity is Growing Around the World The spread of christianity around the world
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