The first world war were the british soldiers lions led by donkeys

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Has history misjudged the generals of World War One?

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Lions led by donkeys

“Lions led by Donkeys.” How accurate an assessment is this of the British Army on the Western Front in the First World War? Written by Alan Clark a politician in the s this quotation describes the leadership of the British Military and their strategies used in the Great War. Nov 09,  · " Lions led by donkeys " is a phrase popularly used to describe the British infantry of World War I and to blame the generals who led them.

The contention is that the brave soldiers (lions) were sent to their deaths by incompetent and indifferent leaders (donkeys).

The Western Front: Lions Led by Donkeys?

The phrase was the source of the title of one of the most scathing examinations of British First World War. The lions were not led by donkeys THE First World War was a conflict of gangrene, gas and ghastliness, a futile massacre that achieved nothing in which a whole generation of deluded teenagers were.

Were the British “Lions Led by Donkeys?” by: Joshua Horn August 18, share. Going ‘Over the Top’ One of the most famous sayings to come out of the First World War was that the British infantrymen on the Western Front were “lions led donkeys.” It is an easy position to take.

Lions led by donkeys. and more than 11, British soldiers were killed or wounded – many of them barely out of their own trenches. The British generals of the First World War.

The lions were not led by donkeys

This is direct criticism against the generals, and evidence that the soldiers were ‘lions led by donkeys’. The Commander-in-cheif Generals of the British Army during the First World War were Sir John French () and Sir Douglas Haig (! onwards).

The first world war were the british soldiers lions led by donkeys
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